Anonymous sent: My mom doesn't approve of my boyfriend. We are 2224 miles away and he has been my best friend for 2.5 years now. She wants me to stop talking to him. What if she cuts me off from the family when I meet him?

Cutting you off from the family seems to be a bit drastic for something like this, but it seems like that kind of thing happens more often these days. I’m sorry if this offends you, but if she would do something like that then I don’t think it would be a good idea for you to stop talking to him just to make your family happy. My advice would be to continue talking to him and meet him and form a family with him. A better family.

This was a hard ask to answer and I’m sorry if I seemed rude in the slightest bit, if you feel like there is a better solution, please feel free to ignore me! 

- Carly

P.S. I’m so sorry it took forever to get your ask answered! I am going to try to take better care of this blog! 

Anonymous sent: hiiii, i love your blog. c: it's just what i need. but um my boyfriend and i have been in a ldr for almost 9 months now and we really want to see each other in person already but there are some problems.. like for the fact that my parents are against me going out until i'm in college. we really want to see each other in person. i'm old enough to get a plane ticket but not old enough to stay at a hotel. we love each other and we don't want to break up.. what do we do?

Hello, thank you! You could see about staying with him if possible, but if not then you may just have to be patient! I know it’s hard and it sucks, but it will all be worth it in the end. While you’re waiting you could try sending each other little things in the mail, it really helps to feel closer to your SO, even if only a little!

- Carly

P.S. I’m so sorry it took forever to get your ask answered! I am going to try to take better care of this blog! 

Anonymous sent: What do you think about sleeping arrangements during the visit for underage ldr couples meeting for the first time? Me and my boyfriend (both fifteen) hope to meet this Christmas after a year and a half together and we really want to be able to sleep together (I mean actual sleep!) because cuddles and waking up next to each other is nice but we aren't sure if either of our families would approve. Any advice?

Personally, I don’t see much of a problem with it. But you have to see it from your parents point of view, two fifteen year olds requesting to sleep together in the same bed. They may think something is up with that.

You may be able to play it off as an accident, and fall asleep while hanging out in your room /if possible/ but keep the door open just in case. If your parents trust you, then you may be able to get away with it.

Hopefully this helps ^^

Anonymous sent: okay so following up on the whole break up question from earlier, I havent gotten a chance to call him or text him because I didnt know when to do it. But i just got a text from him saying why are you still coming to see me it's not gonna change anything... I think he's just saying this as an excuse to talk to me? I dont know what to say back, my heart is pounding :(

Ask him why it won’t change anything, try to get answers from him and try to work out the patch in the relationship.

Don’t pressure him too much, give him some space to think about it if it becomes too much for him.


Anonymous sent: How do I tell my parents about my long distance boyfriend? Since we met over the internet I'm scared my parents won't understand or that my mum will freak out because she's doesn't like how I meet people online. Help me pleeeease x

This is one of the hardest things to tell your parents about. But the responsible way is to sit them down and tell them you’re in a relationship with someone but the two of you aren’t physically together. 

Its better to not get caught up in a lie, it would be best to tell them where he lives and how the two of you met. Hopefully they can be understanding about it ^^


Anonymous sent: okay I'll give it a shot, thanks for the advice :)

Not a problem! If you need anything else, message here or my personal blog. motherfucking-uchihas

Hope all goes well ^^

Anonymous sent: thank you so much for getting back to me :) and I am conflicted to talk to him about it, one best friend says to just wait till he misses you and the other best friend says talk to him, and im so confused myself, i felt like seeking help beyond friends that know him might help. im afraid to talk to him because what if hes fine without me? or since i yelled at him that night, he doesnt wanna talk because he knows he hurt me? love is tough lol

It really is, trust me I know.

Personally, talking to him may be your best option. Don’t wait until he ‘misses you.’ Just text him asking if you two can talk. If he doesn’t agree just text him your apology. Let him know you’re not mad at him.


Anonymous sent: -cont- a better position to actually pay for travel to see each other.. anyway in October we're going to see each other for the first time and I'm so scared he's not going to like me once he sees me :( its making me so paranoid

I’m so scared of meeting my sort-of boyfriend for the first time, we’ve been on and off for the past 5 years both being scared of the distance getting in the way, but we’ve decided “fuck it” and just gone for it this time since we are in -cont-

Don’t worry anon! Its okay to be anxious; Everything should work out fine, I wouldn’t worry about him not liking you. You can fall in love with someone without meeting them, when the two of you see each other it shouldn’t change your feelings!


Anonymous sent: he was gonna wait and talk to me about it but i was just so furious at him and now im hurting like crazy.. we havent talked since that night... i feel like hes doing just fine without me.. i wanna talk to him but i want him to come to me i dont wanna "pressure him" or chase him but im going absolutely crazy... with this breakup i think im even more in love with him because i know what i lost and i really hope he misses me :( what do i do? please please help me:( and im sorry this is so long lol

Im horribly sorry I didn’t think there was another message to come.

Hopefully my reply can help you ^^ if not just tell me, i’ll try to help the best i can!


Anonymous sent: want this to be permanent, and he even said he cant take any of my stuff down in his room so what the heck? I know hes the only person i want in my life, i love him with all my heart. he said its still up to me if i wanna come up, but i feel like he doesnt want me there, he doesnt wanna give me false hope, but i know that if i go up hes gonna see this was a mistake.. i yelled at him on the phone the night he sent me that text and i feel so bad now because what if i ruined my chance to fix this?

I need help, please :( my ldr boyfriend and I of 2 years next month, broke up. i was supposed to see him next Thursday for his cousins wedding. he was acting weird and i finally got him to talk to me. basically he said that he feels like he’s holding me back in life, and he isnt at all, the things i do with my life are for him, but in a good way. i told him my plan of what i want to do with my life, so theres not way he does. Also hes joining the marines soon and he said that he doesnt  want to be a crutch for me which is dumb, I would love him no less, i would gladly take care of him, hes my dream :( he pretty much feels like a burden, and he said that he feels pressured by his parents my parens and even ME, but i dont see how thats possible because my parents never talk to him, i know his parents dont bother him about us and I am so easy going, I want him to genuinely love me and be with me! he says that he still loves me and doesnt

Anon, try to talk to him about this. Apologize for yelling at him and reassure him he is not a bother to you! It seems you two have been lacking communication which is very important in a relationship next to trust. There is always hope you can fix the relationship, you may have to get it a little bit of time though, he may feel this way because of certain actions.

The best advice as of now I can only think of is talking it out with him. Text him or call him. Don’t come off as rude, but just simply apologize for yelling at him and tell him that he isn’t holding you back and you want to be together with him.

I really hope this helps!